"We can cut paper."

"We can cut paper."

Aug 7th 2019

Today is a pretty big day. 10 years ago, I was laid off my job and started Frangipani.It's a funny story I have to tell. There is all the stuff around being in a spa, picking up a book of recipes in t … read more

Alicia Keys on the Grammys with no make-up?

Feb 11th 2019

Did you watch last night? I was so impressed that Alicia Keys continues her personal goal of wearing minimal make-up. If you love make-up, I think that is really wonderful, too. But I love that more w … read more

Moms are the best!

Feb 1st 2019

Many of you have met my mom at events or store demos. She works hard for me doing two to three stores demos per week and is critical to making Frangipani function (My dad is, too! Just behind the scen … read more

Before and After Frangipani Photos for Rosacea

Jan 22nd 2019

Over the years, many people have pushed me to ask customers for before and after Frangipani photos. Sigh. I am really not a fan of them. They are usually altered in some way, have different lighting o … read more