Frangipani on the Radio!

Feb 27th 2018

It was great talking with Terri Stacy from WIBC and Mel McMahon from Indiana Originals on Sunday! If you don't know all of the Frangipani story, listen here to find out why I named the company Frangip … read more

"A New Youth Elixir With Superpowers"

Jan 26th 2018

It sounds AMAZING, right? It must be good enough for Superman! Meh.I received an email recently with the subject line - "A New Youth Elixir With Superpowers". It was advertising a new product and the … read more

Switching to Natural Skin Care - Part 3

Apr 26th 2015

We have followed Maura through Part 1 and Part 2 of her transition from harsh chemical skin care to natural products and it is time for the conclusion and some helpful tips to make your own transition … read more

Switching to Natural Skin Care - Part 2

Mar 26th 2015

As a reminder, I met Maura while doing a demo at a local health food store. She was skeptical at first but we had a long conversation about how Frangipani could help her skin. She wanted all of her pr … read more