Switching to Natural Skin Care - Part 3

Apr 26th 2015

We have followed Maura through Part 1 and Part 2 of her transition from harsh chemical skin care to natural products and it is time for the conclusion and some helpful tips to make your own transition!

At 12 weeks of using Frangipani, Maura was using the Protective Serum at night and the Acne Serum during the day. Her skin was clear and she said her skin was "really happy" with the added moisture.

She was a beautiful bride for her wedding and then embarked on a tropical vacation. She decided to ditch her RetinA cold turkey on that trip. "The trip proved to be the perfect beginning of the transition. I felt like it was the most healing thing I could do.", she said.

Upon her return from vacation, she realized how much more moisture her skin needed than she previously thought and started using two pumps of the Protective Serum and Acne Serum instead of just one pump.


Congratulations, Maura! I am so happy the transition to Frangipani was a successful one. I still see her from time to time and she very generously makes sure I know that Frangipani changed her skin forever. That makes my whole day!

Now you say, "How can I transition to natural skin care?" Here are some of my best tips!

  1. Look for the safest ingredients available. You can gauge this a few different ways. A great way to start is by being able to pronounce and understand what each ingredient is on the label. Sometimes people say that you need to be able to buy all of the ingredients on the label. You can also look for safety ratings on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database. (Frangipani passes all of these tests with flying colors, of course!)

  2. Start by transitioning one product at a time. This is especially true if you are switching to plant oil based products from ones that have a lot of water and alcohol. Choose a product you are running out of or one you aren't satisfied with its results.

  3. Remember that more is not always more. Most natural products are very concentrated (Frangipani definitely is because we use very little water and no alcohol!) and so you don't have to use as much as you do with conventional products.

  4. It takes your skin at least 28 days to adjust to a new skin care product. So, be patient. And if you are consistent, you will be able to see results sooner!

If you need any assistance in choosing the best Frangipani product for your skin, check out the Best for Your Skin questionnaire or email frangipani@frangipanibodyproducts for help!