Switching to Natural Skin Care - Part 1

Feb 26th 2015

I met Maura while doing a demo at a local health food store. I offered to let her try some Frangipani but she initially declined. I watched her browse the department and knew she was a diligent body care buyer when I saw her checking every product ingredient on her phone. I knew she was using the EWG Skin Deep database.

After some time, I approached her in the aisle and asked what type of product she was looking for. Then I got her story.

She was on a quest. She wanted all of her products to be completely safe. She wanted them to clear up her adult acne problems. She wanted a porcelain complexion for her upcoming wedding. I knew Frangipani would be perfect for her!

What was she currently using? She was applying a harsh benzyl peroxide product for acne treatment as well as using a Retin A ointment at night. She was frustrated that her skin was red and irritated but stressed that any switch to natural products in the past had not gone well.

We talked through all of the Frangipani products and why they would help her skin. She settled on purchasing the Blemish Serum. She was interested in the possibility of it clearing up some of her breakouts but was very hesitant about it being an oil based product. I stressed to her that one pump of the serum was plenty for the entire face. She left with a bottle of Blemish Serum and my contact information in case she had any questions or problems.

A week later, an email popped up in my Inbox:

Dear Frangipani,

I met you last Saturday and you helped me pick out the Blemish Serum after watching me scour the aisle for EWG "0" rated products. :)

I have used the serum every morning since then, and my skin has definitely NOT gotten worse. In fact, it is less red/irritated. There are still pimples coming up (but they too seem less irritated and are small), and I feel that my t-zone is more oily, but I just blot with tissue paper a few times throughout the day.

All this to say I am tentatively hopeful! I will be even more confident after a month if things stay the same/improve (in the past when I've tried natural products, my skin has actually gotten worse -- after a month). But you are right, using only one pump is very, very little oil, and to spread it over my face AND neck really spreads the love.

So, one week without benzoyl peroxide but I am still using my Retin A at night. If I've learned anything over the years, it’s to take baby steps because my skin is so sensitive. If things continue on this road, I will start weaning myself off the Retin A in a few months, and will slowly incorporate more of your products into my routine. I hope hope hope this works, and if it does, there will be no words to say how grateful I am to have met you last week!


It is so exciting to get emails from customers who see a real change in their skin in a very short amount of time! But Maura's story wasn’t done.

Watch the blog for updates to see how Maura converts from using all those harsh chemicals on her skin to using more Frangipani products. It was a process and I am going share all of it with you!