Should I stop dying my grey hair?

Jan 8th 2019

"My grey hair is a gift from Mother Nature, who unknowingly thought a long life should be celebrated with a silver crown."

A few months ago, my long time stylist screamed at me (It was dramatic at least!) when I told her it was just about time to dye my hair again. Not because she knows I dye it myself with a natural dye (She has accepted that, I think.) but because she disagreed (dramatically!) when I said it was making me look old. 

I thought about it for the 7 weeks between appointments and decided to mention it to her again. She explained to me that how my hair is turning grey has a perfect marbling affect on my head and some people aren't so lucky. She can see something I don't. And I thought maybe I should listen to that. So, I am leaving my grey for now. I can't say it will be forever but I am going to try to embrace that "marbling".

Check out this article by Suzanne Bergerac Roth about her journey to "quit the bottle". 

How I Quit the Bottle (the Hair Dye Bottle)