Before and After Frangipani Photos for Rosacea

Jan 22nd 2019

Over the years, many people have pushed me to ask customers for before and after Frangipani photos. Sigh. I am really not a fan of them. They are usually altered in some way, have different lighting or camera settings, and just generally never impress me too much.

Long time customer LB sent me some pictures recently that show what I always talk about with people who have Rosacea. You can clearly see the difference in the texture of her skin. Where her skin was rough on her cheeks, it is now smooth and calm. I have experienced this personally and have many customers who report the same improvement. These are the first approved Frangipani Before and After Photos!

And, these were taken with a flip phone so no altering. 

Thank you for sharing them with me, LB!

(You should also check out her awesome blog here: