"A New Youth Elixir With Superpowers"

Jan 26th 2018

It sounds AMAZING, right? It must be good enough for Superman! Meh.

I received an email recently with the subject line - "A New Youth Elixir With Superpowers". It was advertising a new product and the body of the email used phrases like "exceptional rejuvenating efficacy", "dermis re-densified", and "dermal epidermal junction". Wowsers. Let me get my dictionary! (Not really but it sure gave me a headache.)

Do you ever get tired of the endless claims of life changing results from beauty companies? I know I used to get reeled in to them. I mostly ignore them now because I understand that it is all marketing.

From the beginning, I have wanted Frangipani to be something simple and healthy.

No super fancy ingredients, just the really good stuff the earth gives us.

No confusing claims, just the facts on simple labels.

No temporary trends, just consistent, effective products.

It turns out, those things have a much better success rate than an ingredient name that requires tongue exercises to pronounce or unrealistic claims.

I have also designed the packaging of Frangipani with this in mind. Over the years it has been suggested that I put various marketing phrases on Frangipani labels. If it doesn't meet the criteria above, it doesn't go on the label.

And, if you have ever wondered about Frangipani bottles and jars, the brown color protects the product from light better than any other color. They are pretty and serve a purpose!

The next time you hear that a product has "superpowers", remember to leave that fiction to the movie makers.